How do we engage with your engineering team?

Our engagement model is called Staff Augmentation. We add to your project the most suitable team members according to your needs and requirements. This could mean QA engineers with different levels of experience, from junior to senior. Every project is different, there’s no “one size fits all” to our staffing approach. We’ll work closely with you to make sure that we have the right people with the right skills for the job. Finally, all projects are assigned a Customer Success Manager, to make sure that our team is delivering maximum value.


Manual Testing

Hands-on with your product is our favorite way to work! Our manual tests are performed by our outstanding team of test engineers to ensure that design, functionality, and performance are working as expected.

Automated Testing

Our team, that is to say “yours”, can design custom automated tests using industry standard tools (XCUI, Android Studio, Selenium, Appium), and languages (Python, Java, Swift, Kotlin). This can dramatically speed up your time to market while providing a battery of tests that can be run repeatedly and reliably against your application.

API & Platform Testing

Our team leverages industry standard tools such as Postman, SoapUI, Paw, and others, to programmatically confirm API communication between client and server, and server to server.

Web & Mobile Testing

Regardless of whether your application runs on mobile devices or on the web, we have the right tools for the job. We maintain a comprehensive array of current Android and iOS handsets to ensure confidence that your product will be functional, meet your usability requirements, and provide a consistent experience across a range of mobile devices. Likewise, we test your web application and underlying service components across the spectrum of major browsers within the most popular desktop and mobile environments.

Performance Testing

No software can rely only on a beautifully designed user interface, it also has to perform at scale. We use industry standard tools and practices to ensure that your users will never be surprised by poor performance. Whether it’s testing for API bottlenecks, or just ensuring your database can handle the load, we’ve got you covered!

IoT & Hardware Device Testing

Our team has extensive experience in testing IoT hardware and other physical devices. Our tests can run from the firmware layer to the GUI, as well as provide critical user feedback on the physical interactions of the device with the software.