Owlet is a leading brand in IoT technology aimed at keeping babies safe, and are best known for their wearable devices: the Owlet Smart Sock and Owlet Dream Sock. Owlet’s mission is to empower parents with the right information at the right time, to give them more peace of mind and help them find more joy in the journey of parenting. Owlet’s digital parenting platform aims to give parents real-time data and insights to help parents feel calmer and more confident.


As Owlet transitioned from a small startup to a publicly traded company, their engineering team scaled by more than 4x very rapidly. With only two internal QA engineers, they had too much work supporting multiple hardware devices, iOS and Android apps, and their cloud platform; and were looking for a way to rapidly staff up without going over-budget.


Our team of manual test engineers helped scale up the QA team as the overall engineering team grew, enabling Owlet to release new hardware and software products on schedule in more than twenty countries. Our work with Owlet helped move their Net Promoter Score (NPS) in a positive direction by more than 30 points. Working alongside Owlet’s internal QA automation team, we were able to help automate half of the overall manual test suite, and reach a two week release cycle for mobile applications