Memora Health is a privately held company and a leading intelligent care enablement platform that is rewiring healthcare systems with modern technology. Through the platform, clinicians can interact meaningfully with their patients and access healthcare information as quickly as they can text their families and friends. It partners with hospitals, health insurance providers, and digital health companies to transform the care delivery process for care teams and patients. Memora Health was honored to be named the “Best Care Delivery Platform” by the MedTech Breakthrough Awards and to be a 2023 Top Company on the Y Combinator list


From 2021 to 2022 Memora Health grew 5x and with that, more challenges arose for the engineering team. Developers and Project Managers were doing their own software testing supported by no-code automation tools but it wasn’t enough. Developers’ workload increased and they weren’t able to perform proper quality assurance testing anymore; for this reason, bugs started to get into the production environment which negatively affected customers. This is when the VP of Engineering started searching for a solution.


As a nearshore Software Quality Assurance team with extensive experience in the healthcare industry, we were able to seamlessly integrate our manual and automation team with theirs. From day one we started designing the test plans and test cases, and executing weekly manual regression tests of their web application and API’s. Then we jumped into designing the JavaScript and Python test frameworks, and developing automated tests for both the front-end and back-end systems.